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Dental Implants Mumbai

Dental Implants

What is the procedure like?

The implant process is usually a two-step program.

The first step is a surgical procedure to place the implant into your jaw. This procedure is carried out at the dental, clinic under local administration. Click here to see a series of photos detailing this step of the process.

The second step of the procedure takes place three to four months after the implant is put into place. By this time, the bone has grown around the implant so as to hold it in place. This procedure involves removing the gum tissue which covers the implant and then placing a post into the implant. The post will be used to attach the cap, bridge or denture to the implant.

Shortly after the second procedure, the artificial teeth are made (caps, fixed bridges or dentures). They are custom designed to your mouth's exact shape and size, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. While the artificial teeth are being made, you can usually continue to wear an existing bridge or denture.

Is the surgical procedure painful?

Most implant patients report that the discomfort is far less than they expected and is much like having a regular tooth extracted. And, although everyone is different in regard to pain tolerance, most patients are very comparable with minimal to moderate pain medication.

How successful are dental implants?

Dental implants are designed to be permanent. There are numerous factors related to long term success. Implants fail for the same reason your own teeth have failed: bone and gum breakdown, lack of proper daily care and hygiene, not maintaining regularly scheduled professional check-ups, accidents or a newly occurring medical condition that affects the tissues of your mouth.

Initial healing is a key factor contributing to long term success of your implant. It is a well established fact that smoking, before or after implant placement, will cause lowered success rates and/or failures. Excessive pressure and/or grinding of your teeth can also cause problems with the bone bonding with the implant and should be avoided.

Dental implant reconstruction is one of the most successful procedures in the medical/dental implant fields such as knee, hip, etc. with long term clinical results in excess of 92-93%.

Does age make a difference?

Age is not the most important factor related to dental implant reconstruction. Overall health and quality of life issues are of concern. In the early 1940's and 50's, implants were originally designed for the aging patient with total tooth loss. In recent years, implants have been carried out with high success rates for teenagers with sports injuries or congenitally missing teeth. This is also true of patients up to and including people in their nineties. Your age, in and of itself, is not a major factor as to whether or not you may be an implant candidate.

How can I find out more?

To find out more about dental implants and to learn about our state-of-the-art procedures and personalized care, please call us at +91-22-24101099 to arrange a consultation appointment.

Post-Operative Instructions for Patients recieving Osteo-Integrated Implants

It is important to follow the directions during the first 2 weeks after the operation to insure adequate healing.

Do not rinse your mouth vigorously or split out during the first 24hrs. after the operation Use ice packs over the surgical area for 20 minutes at a time, during the first 2 days after the operation. Do not eat for an hour after the operation. Maintain a Soft and Cold diet for atleast 2 days after the operation. Do not smoke or consume Alcoholic Beverages during the the first 10 days after the operation. Continue the prescribed medicines for 3 more days. In case of any kind of allergic reactions to the prescribed drugs immediately discontinue them and consult your physician or call us up. There is bound to be minor bleeding in the surgical area. However if there is any severe bleeding please report to us immediately. Rinse your mouth thouroughly with the prescribed mouth rinse after every meal. Minor swelling and discomfort can be anticipated for 2-3 days which will subside gradually. The Sutures/Sitches have to be removed after 7-10 days. In case of any serious problem or unbearable discomfort please contact Dr. Mandar Gadkari on his mobile i.e. 9821099007 or his Residence : 25208223.
Dental Implants Mumbai