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What is a bridge made of?

Bridges can be made of various materials as given below but choice of materials in various areas differs from case to case.

Metal Bridges
- These bridges are made of an alloy of various metals.
- Very durable.
- But highly unesthetic as they are silver in colour. Not recommended for replacing front teeth.
Ceramic fused to metal bridges.
- These bridges have metal backing & a layer of ceramic fused all over metal backing gives it a natural tooth like appearance making it highly esthetic.
Depending on choice of metal 2 types of ceramic bridges can be made.
1] Non Precious Ceramic Bridge - Alloy of Ni - Cr is used.
2] Precious Ceramic Bridge - 18k gold is used for the backing.
- These bridges are highly recommended in highly stressful areas such as posterior teeth as gold being a malleable metal can withstand chewing forces better. Though it is slightly expensive due to the use of Gold.
Metal Free Ceramic Bridges.
With advent of newer & stronger ceramics, Metal free ceramic bridges can also be made using a material called Zirconium. These bridges are highly esthetic & strong & highly recommended for front teeth.
Is the preparation of bridgework painful?
The procedure is not painful, because a local anaesthetic is used during the paring of the teeth, and the taking of the impression. It is seldom necessary to take an analgesic for pain relief after the treatment.
Will there be any sensitivity after the bridges are placed in the mouth?
Sensitivity to hot and cold sometimes occurs after the bridge has been cemented, but this is usually temporary.
Will a fixed bridge look good?
Fixed bridges can be made to look natural and to match the adjoining natural teeth. A bridge in the front of the mouth will restore and even improve the smile.
How well will I be able to chew with a fixed bridge?
Eating with a fixed bridge should be as comfortable as with natural teeth.
How successful are fixed bridges?
Fixed bridges have been used successfully to replace one or more missing teeth. They can last for many years.
Can implants be used to anchor single crowns and bridges?
"Another option for the replacement of missing teeth is the use of dental implants . These are used not only in patients that have lost teeth due to caries and periodontal diseases, but also to restore form and function in patients treated for trauma, cranio-facial cancers, hereditary tooth defects, and other abnormalities." U.S. Surgeon General's Report. Where there are no natural teeth, implants can be used to anchor or support individual crowns. They may also support bridges, which can replace several missing teeth.