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Bone grafting
A foundation of adequate bone is an absolute necessity in order for a dental implant to be successful. In fact, as your dentist determines the prognosis for your future implant, certain specific criteria will be considered : Is the available bone
Dense & thick enough? Is the bone deep enough? Is the bone wide enough?

If the proposed location for a dental implant is deemed inadequate in any way, a bone graft may be required in order to improve the quality of the surgical site.

A bone graft or bone augmentation procedure is not always the rule of thumb, but there are a number of factors that can increase your potential need for this type of adjunctive procedure.

Certain locations within the jaw are more likely to show signs of thin or insufficient bone. The upper molars, for example, are typically located near the floor or bottom of the upper sinuses. As the sinus is a hollow space in the skull, the surrounding bone may not be deep enough or dense enough for a long-lasting implant. Your dentist may opt to augment the area prior to placing the implant in order to improve the success rate of the procedure.